Engaging South Asians and Immigrants with Arts, Recreation & Environment Sectors of the GTA

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CapaCITY Creators is a project of Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA). The project aims to increase the participation of South Asians and immigrants within the sectors of arts, recreation and environment in City of Toronto and Peel Region.

The CapaCITY creators project (2013-2015) is funded by Ontario Trillium Foundation. Each year 60 South Asians and immigrants will be oriented on arts, recreation and environment sectors from the City of Toronto and Peel region. These participants will be trained on anti-oppression, anti-racism, networking and board governance. As a part of this project, CASSA will organize learning opportunities for the participants in order to enhance their knowledge and participation in each sector.

Project Highlights of 2013:

In 2013, CASSA partnered with the Ontario Bengali Cultural Society and Canadian Tamil Congress in Toronto; as well as Punjabi Community Health Services and Brampton Tamil Association in Peel Region.

  • We directly benefited 317 South Asians and Immigrants in the GTA (226  in Toronto and 91 in Peel)
  • We also indirectly supported 2,563 people through organizing community events in the both regions
  • We organized 20 events in 2013


CapaCITY Creators Forum Meetings 2013:

The first year of CapaCITY Creators project was a great success. In December 2013, CASSA hosted two forums, one for Scarborough region on December 10th at the Scarborough Civic Center and the other one on December 12th  for Peel region at Four Corners Health Centre in Malton.

The discussion topic at both these forums was the CapaCITY Creators Project and the process that participants went through, from orientation to Anti-Oppression and Board of Governance training, to being connected to an organization. The participants, volunteers and the partners, that all helped out with this project were recognized. Both the Forums attracted around 160 people including participants, member organizations, and partners, organizations from the arts, recreation and environment sectors and the community.

Our partners that attended included Punjabi Community Health Services, Brampton Tamil Association, Ontario Bengali Cultural Society, Canadian Tamil Congress, City of Toronto Parks and Recreation, Toronto Environment Alliance, Toronto Reel Asian International Festival, Earth Day Canada and Water Docs, Arts Gallery Mississauga and Nrithyakshetra Dance Academy.

People enjoyed delicious food and cultural performances by various CapaCITY Creators participants; those include Nivedha, couple Afzal and Munni at Scarborough and Nrithyakshetra Dance Academy, Pushpinder, Jaskaran, Vijitha Suresh Kumar, Kanesh Mahadevan & Ghishiyaani Thangavel in Malton.

Above all Jessica Speziale, a social justice artist and pop singer performed at our Scarborough Forum, as December 10 is Human Rights Day.

CapaCITY Creators Events 2013

CapaCITY Creators website created by: Dr. Mahbub Hasan, Project Coordinator ( April 2013 -March 2014)

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